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We provide an excellent selection of biodegradable and compostable spoons, fork, bowl, napkin and cups which are easily disposable. Our services offered by experienced staff are available 24/7 at your service. So, if you need any detailed information about our products, our expert staff is there to help you.

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We are a long time distributor of Foam Cups/Plates/Bowls, Aluminum Pans/Catering Trays, Plastic Containers/Portion Cups/Cutlery/Bowls, Paper Plates/Containers/Cake Boxes/Pizza Boxes, Cleaning and Janitorial supplies, Disposable Paper & Plastic Bags, Custom printing . We are dedicated to servicing our customers with quality products at competitive prices for the following types of businesses: Deli's, Restaurants, Bakeries, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Warehouses, and Supermarkets.